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Five shirts washing and ironing only 900 RSD

Our mission is simple

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Special attention is paid to hygiene and safety. During washing process there is no possibility to mix up the clients’ laundry.

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We guarantee to our clients the fastest possible service. In standard washing procedure the complete service is being guaranteed within 24 hours.

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We offer various payment advantages, for both individuals and legal entities. We offer discount for PRE-PAID options of payment.



Your only is to take a clean, ironed, professionally packed and protected laundry. In the washing process, we use professional Miele washing machines, which allows us to use many additional programs for treating specific and sensitive fabrics.

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The service has been foreseen for laundry that not need ironing or if you want to iron your laundry alone.

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When we do ironing with professional Miele’s rollers for ironing, as well as professional Miele handy irons. You can bring already washed laundry, and we will do ironing for You.

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We offer complete service of washing, drying and ironing of laundry for competitive prices. Your duty is only to take clean, professionally packed and protected laundry.

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During washing or children’s clothes we use machines provided exclusively for washing of clothes of our youngest customers. Children’s clothes we treat with soft and hipoallergic substances for washing with minimum usage of softener.

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Using the special detergent NUNCAS, the only liquid means for washing and regeneration of sports clothes made of synthetical fibres, we eliminate all the bacterium and blemishes even on the low temperature. 

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Apart from washing service and ironing of clothes we do also laundry dry cleaning services. Soon in our laundry room the most modern technology wet-cleaning.



Five shirts washing and ironing only 900 RSD


Professionally packed and clean laundry is delivered to Your address.


Price List


  • Washing and drying up to 5 kilos850 RSD
  • Washing and drying up to 10 kilos 950 RSD
  • Washing and drying of covers double950-1500 RSD
  • Washing and drying wrappers for big sofas2000-2500 RSD
  • Washing and drying double blanket/duvet 850 RSD
  • Washing and drying pillows single350 RSD
  • Washing and drying curtainsм2/150 RSD
  • Washing and drying filled jackets800 RSD
  • Washing and drying feather jackets long1000 RSD

Legal entities

  • Discount for advance payment
  • Price per request and mutual agreement
  • Full single beddings220 RSD
  • Full double beddings340 RSD
  • Towel small/medium/large40/50/60 RSD
  • Tablecloth55 RSD
  • Childrens bedding50 RSD
  • Children’s duvet covers (160 cm)100 RSD
  • Apron – uniform150 RSD

Dry cleaning

  • Suit850 RSD
  • Trousers450 RSD
  • Suit coat470 RSD
  • Sweater350 RSD
  • Tie200 RSD
  • Coat800 RSD
  • Long coat900 RSD
  • Simple skirt350 RSD
  • Simple dress700 RSD
  • Fur coat medium size2200 RSD
  • Draperyм2/250 RSD
  • Leather jacket long 1800 RSD

Contact us

  •  54 Maršala Birjuzova Street, Belgrade
  • 060 5 335 935 and 060 6 689 096

Working Hours

  • Mon-Fry: 10 a.m. -14 p.m. and 15-19 p.m.
  • Sathurday: 9 a.m. - 17 p.m.
  • Sunday: closed

Услуга пријема и доставе веша

Бесплатно преузимање и доставу чистог веша вршимо за сталне клијенте, као и за услуге преко 2.500,00 рсд.